Monday, 30 July 2012


Just had a look at some London images from our last trip.....

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lost Souls

I wanted to break away from the normal pictures of the war memorials at Alrewas,  I found once you had seen one the rest felt strangely familiar. So when Eric suggested a trip up one evening I almost said no... but after some contemplation I came up with an idea to try and get an image that hopefully break the mould! I want something that could possibly cause some controversy , I wanted to portray the idea that the loss of all the hundred of thousands of lost lives although lost with honour and patriotism was still a loss which I felt that sometimes was needless and preventable painful loss?

I call it 'Lost Souls'  In it you find the lost tortured souls of soldiers etc who are trying to find the way to peace hence the light are around the needle which I thought could almost be the pointer to heaven? maybe

This took about 10 layers the first layer was the the memorial and subsequent layers of the lost souls were of people milling around on a long shutter speed to create motion blur and the two souls at the front we images of the statues altered with liquify. Some multiply a roaches cloudy sky (as it was a clear blue sky when we went).

As this is a work in progress comments would be appriciated

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Whitby Goth and a bitter wind

     Steve, Pete and Jim, some say the three Musketeers, other say......? set of on a three hour trip to the Whitby Goth Weekend. making sure we had plenty of provisions due to a forecast of wind and rain (secretly I was hoping for dramatic skies) but Steve wasn't so sure. A little stop before Whitby to get the healthy staple tog diet of full english breakfast (making sure we sent a pic to Eric).
    We left the car at the carpark next to the Abbey for a reasonable sum of £5 (all day) setting of toward the Church hoping to find hoards of Goths, well we found hoards... not of Goths but of Photographers all snapping away like Paparazzi getting pics of Lady Di. So we got what we could and carried on down into the town, with more stops for lunch and tea not finding much.

    Towards the end of the day as the light was starting to fall we headed back up to the Church again to find limited Goths, we found a pair of Goths braving the elements and duly requested a sitting (or two)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Northumberland 2007

Just a few images to wet the appetite for September. These were taken in July 2007, god some 4 years ago wow.
Snoozing - Farnes

Alnwick Gardens

Artic Tern on nest Farnes

Bamburgh Beach and Farnes in distance

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh castle


High Force

Longshore Lighthouse- Farnes

Nesting - Farnes

St Mary's lighthouse

Face in the force

Tom taking flight

The space that is Weredale

Theer are lots and lots more!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A little corner of spain

One cold February morning I decided, along with my trusty friend/ sidekick Eric, to recreate a little bit of Spain. the day before I had spent hours gluing bits of an old wine case and some plywood, then painting it with some old congealed matt white paint to try and recreate the look of a textured whitewashed wall. We set up a key light at 45 degrees to the subject and a black flag on the right to stop any reflection of the glass walls of my conservatory.  I placed my vase (50p from a charity shop)  in the middle of the box with a flower (unknown variety).

post production was some white balance adjustments to give it a bit of warmth, some square crop and gaussian blur erased back in the middle to hopefully key your eye on the middle.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

The JackaPoodle

Tjis is Izzles (named after the Poodle in the children's TV series 'the Tweenies') she is a JackaPoodle which is as the name suggests a cross between a Jack Russell and a Toy Poodle.
Canon 5D MKII and Sigma 70 - 200mm DG EX APO f/2.8 lens
taken with just a window light coming from the left
ISO 800
1/15 sec

Monday, 20 December 2010

A Christmas Robin....

Merry Christmas one and all... I have been trying to capture a Christmas Robin, so I brought some wild bird seed and lard, found a log for it to perch on, set myself up in the Girls wendy house and here is the results of my efforts...

Thats right, nothing! no Robin, no Tits, in fact there was only one Tit... the one sitting in the Wendy house for two hours with next doors dog howling away.

so that was it I came back inside and defrosted myself and took some pics on the fake tree and its decs

Merry Crimbo Everyone!