Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Jimbo dancing through the Daffodills

As it's spring I thought I'd share a few pretty flower pics some from this Saturday at Stapenhill gardens. The only ones I know the name of are the Daffs? I'll have to have some lessons from Pip

Monday, 26 April 2010

Look to the skies with Jimbo

Look to the skies, well I was anyway...... here's a couple of pics of clouds I think I have created a splinter style, forget plane spotting try cloud spotting.

I've titled this 'Stormy Skies' I can't imagine why?

Thanks Joe for this one, I wouldn't have see this one if not for you. This one is titled 'Reach for the sky'.

sort of stuff from Sunday

it's a dogs life looking after you lot! get a move on.

Pip Signing In

Pixxel8 Photographers miss the elusive 'Little Owl' shot.
Thankz P for the Deer walk,shall we all chip in a £1 and buy bill a couple of pints for his time?Took these pickies earlier in the year when there's a bit more foliage and colour. I will be going again for some more deer shots but perhaps in the autumn early am or late pm. I found sillouettes work well with this subject

Stag on a frosty Dawn

Stag Night

Hoar Frost at Calke 

Sunday, 25 April 2010

bluesparkz with the shot of the day

Closeup of that woodpecker

Jimbo Signing in

Hi all hope you made it (it took me about 7 go's) here's some pics to keep you going...

What a sharp shooter, the fastest frame on the block!

Hey Eric look what I've just found!

I 'm a man not a number (where that big balloon?)

Oooooh look at them April clouds!

It's Steve giving someone some stick again

I've forgotten what they are called anyway heres a plant.

Bec getting horny!

Mmmmm! which way now?

The Gaff

Where's me dowg 'n' white stick (no wonder all his pics have motion blur!)

It's a dogs life...

I'll call him Jake coz of the extra leg......... see below

I have no eye deer what to call this one? any suggestions?

Deer Deer Me by Eric

Such magnificent beasts, even in moult.

And they just appeared over the hill

And this fella just lingered to show off.


Well, down in the deer park the other day I came across these two old deers, first the stalking, then the shot. But I do wonder what the result is, maybe we will get to see the result sometime.