Saturday, 19 February 2011

Northumberland 2007

Just a few images to wet the appetite for September. These were taken in July 2007, god some 4 years ago wow.
Snoozing - Farnes

Alnwick Gardens

Artic Tern on nest Farnes

Bamburgh Beach and Farnes in distance

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh castle


High Force

Longshore Lighthouse- Farnes

Nesting - Farnes

St Mary's lighthouse

Face in the force

Tom taking flight

The space that is Weredale

Theer are lots and lots more!!!!!


  1. Looks good to me bud, There are 10 pubs 2 miles away from the site Jim suggested. We need to go in October if we want Autumn colour.Text me the code for pixel8

  2. all looks good, the site I suggested also has showers etc, there are others but may have probs with tents?