Saturday, 19 February 2011

Northumberland 2007

Just a few images to wet the appetite for September. These were taken in July 2007, god some 4 years ago wow.
Snoozing - Farnes

Alnwick Gardens

Artic Tern on nest Farnes

Bamburgh Beach and Farnes in distance

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh castle


High Force

Longshore Lighthouse- Farnes

Nesting - Farnes

St Mary's lighthouse

Face in the force

Tom taking flight

The space that is Weredale

Theer are lots and lots more!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A little corner of spain

One cold February morning I decided, along with my trusty friend/ sidekick Eric, to recreate a little bit of Spain. the day before I had spent hours gluing bits of an old wine case and some plywood, then painting it with some old congealed matt white paint to try and recreate the look of a textured whitewashed wall. We set up a key light at 45 degrees to the subject and a black flag on the right to stop any reflection of the glass walls of my conservatory.  I placed my vase (50p from a charity shop)  in the middle of the box with a flower (unknown variety).

post production was some white balance adjustments to give it a bit of warmth, some square crop and gaussian blur erased back in the middle to hopefully key your eye on the middle.