Friday, 3 September 2010

The Field

I have been passing this particular view for the past few months now, waiting for the opportune moment, that fleeting moment when all the right element come together. I suppose the most practical thing for me to have done is to have carried my camera with me as I pass this view every day on my way to and from work, it tantalises me, calling to me almost, but I wait, and I wait, until that day, the moment arrives when I think it's time to capture in camera the image that my minds eye view has pondered over. So as I don't carry my camera around with me I rush home, telling the wife to put my tea on the back burner, trying to fend off the kids and failing miserably, I resign myself to the fact that a least one child is adamant that she want to go out.

I bundle my camera kit into the car along with my youngest daughter we set off back the way I had come only ten minutes earlier. I park up and to occupy my daughter I give her my tripod to carry, she thinks it's a funny shaped handbag so she is happy for the moment. we walk hand in had, me surveying the scene and Imogen shouting at the bird in the bushes. Then I see it! it's what I had imagined those log months,  but..... theres always a but....  something not right I can't get close enough to the single out the view I wanted, so I change my lens to the 200mm hoping to drag my image kicking and screaming from between the houses and hedges.

I fit a graduated filter to the lens put it on a tripod and with one eye on Imogen I look through the viewfinder, yes I can see it... almost I re-frame I move this way and that, backwards and forwards, until I decide enough is enough, the time has come press that dam button and get it over with.


Was it worth it! who knows, I suppose time will tell..... and hopefully a few of you too!