Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lost Souls

I wanted to break away from the normal pictures of the war memorials at Alrewas,  I found once you had seen one the rest felt strangely familiar. So when Eric suggested a trip up one evening I almost said no... but after some contemplation I came up with an idea to try and get an image that hopefully break the mould! I want something that could possibly cause some controversy , I wanted to portray the idea that the loss of all the hundred of thousands of lost lives although lost with honour and patriotism was still a loss which I felt that sometimes was needless and preventable painful loss?

I call it 'Lost Souls'  In it you find the lost tortured souls of soldiers etc who are trying to find the way to peace hence the light are around the needle which I thought could almost be the pointer to heaven? maybe

This took about 10 layers the first layer was the the memorial and subsequent layers of the lost souls were of people milling around on a long shutter speed to create motion blur and the two souls at the front we images of the statues altered with liquify. Some multiply a roaches cloudy sky (as it was a clear blue sky when we went).

As this is a work in progress comments would be appriciated


  1. don't think the Arboretum would be very happy with this image.It is more in keeping with a horror movie. It does not reflect the place as a memorial to those lost in conflict, and the memory it has been created for. It is a place of rememberance, peace and contemplation, and reflection for those who have lost family in such circumstances. I don't believe those lost in battle are lost souls, and I would not like them to be remembered in this way.

  2. Where did this come from Jimbo? bit of a shocker! I can see the idea and a slant in a different direction but have to agree with Mr Gaff think some people would be offended as it is a place of peace to remember loved ones

  3. I said it was controversial! It's my vision which is not necessarily the right one .... Jim