Sunday, 27 March 2011

Whitby Goth and a bitter wind

     Steve, Pete and Jim, some say the three Musketeers, other say......? set of on a three hour trip to the Whitby Goth Weekend. making sure we had plenty of provisions due to a forecast of wind and rain (secretly I was hoping for dramatic skies) but Steve wasn't so sure. A little stop before Whitby to get the healthy staple tog diet of full english breakfast (making sure we sent a pic to Eric).
    We left the car at the carpark next to the Abbey for a reasonable sum of £5 (all day) setting of toward the Church hoping to find hoards of Goths, well we found hoards... not of Goths but of Photographers all snapping away like Paparazzi getting pics of Lady Di. So we got what we could and carried on down into the town, with more stops for lunch and tea not finding much.

    Towards the end of the day as the light was starting to fall we headed back up to the Church again to find limited Goths, we found a pair of Goths braving the elements and duly requested a sitting (or two)

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  1. Lighting working well here Jimbo. Very atmospheric.