Monday, 20 December 2010

A Christmas Robin....

Merry Christmas one and all... I have been trying to capture a Christmas Robin, so I brought some wild bird seed and lard, found a log for it to perch on, set myself up in the Girls wendy house and here is the results of my efforts...

Thats right, nothing! no Robin, no Tits, in fact there was only one Tit... the one sitting in the Wendy house for two hours with next doors dog howling away.

so that was it I came back inside and defrosted myself and took some pics on the fake tree and its decs

Merry Crimbo Everyone!


  1. lol.... you are a tit...its bloody freezing !!
    I've done the same though taking photos of the pets in the snow...mad !!
    Nice DOF on the decs dude, merry xmas to you & your family.

  2. Minus 3 points for the robin. Crap background, rubbish log, no actual subject.
    Lovin your DOF on your decs tho.